15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 8/25/14

  1. Brie, we wanna see tears! Quit smiling.
  2. All the legends talked to the bookers. Lesnar holding that title.
  3. Wanna seem intense? Repeat the same sentence and put the word, ‘Ass’ at the end.
  4. Lesnar suplexed that PG rating.
  5. We’re having an eulogy for a missing guy? Did the missing person report turn up anything?
  6. We, the people, do not Bo-Lieve in Bo Dallas.
  7. Paige, AJ loves you very very much.
  8. The Usos have the cosmic key that the Rhodes brothers were looking for.
  9. All that money and gold, but Lesnar can’t fix his chipped tooth?! Paul, do something stupid.
  10. Put the white condom jacket away!!!
  11. Superman isn’t scared of cinder.
  12. 16 suplexes…16 time champion?
  13. A 37 year old, 15x World Champion Cena can still be viewed as an underdog.
  14. King, you gotta explain to John all your holding of Nikki tonight.
  15. Don’t worry about missing the opening of the show, it gets repeated 3 times in one night.

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