1. Lose Superman and Ambrose/Rollins get main event. I’ll take it.
  2. Suplex counting is a new trend. I’m waiting on the next match for 32 German Suplex!
  3. Paige is in love, but AJ is REALLY in love. Don’t scare her away, AJ!
  4. WWE is progressing in the right direction. They lifted the gender ban on EMTs.
  5. Triple H has tamed the beast. Normally there is an F5 with Lesnar to anyone who isn’t Paul Heyman.
  6. You don’t accept the ice water challenge…you are chosen.
  7. Stephanie, quit blowing money on fake shirts. Vince, show her the budget!!!
  8. Heel turn causes heel loss, right Nikki?
  9. Mark Henry, don’t get ran over by the Russian.
  10. So, Kane is the handler for Seth now? When are you going to stop being someone’s b*tch?
  11. Dean Ambrose gonna come back with tape across his head.
  12. Orton, remember to not bite the hand that fed you.
  13. Ric Flair is there for legend boost. Hilariously, Miz, you have his signature move and it does you no good.
  14. I don’t care the gimmick, coming dressed as a feminine hygiene product does you no good, Miz.
  15. Anime logo!!!!

Maybe I’m losing steam. No Cena, Suplex Counting, and Viva Las Vegas. Ryback still gets no love.