15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 7/7/14

  1. Roman doesn’t like when the attention isn’t on him when he’s in the house. He’ll remind you that.
  2. Wyatts/Usos v3. It doesn’t get old unless they stop producing quality.
  3. I’ll treat that MITB briefcase like a title if I was Cena and if booked, the briefcase goes up automatically.
  4. Rusev escalating up the card somehow. Sorry, RVD, it’s not 4/20.
  5. Ambrose, Daddy Hunter told his son to not get hit by top rope moves.
  6. JBL was looking like he got an impromptu lap dance when Fandango was dancing.
  7. He’s called the Hitman for a reason, Sandow. I no longer compare you to Santino.
  8. Fandango, that whisper kills the closed captioning companies. Don’t do it on commentary.
  9. Hair Pulling doesn’t equal Heel turn. It’s not effective.
  10. No stare down, just hand raising. Battleground set?
  11. Seth, give Ambrose the briefcase.
  12. The letter from Little Johnny Russo sucked so bad that Vince Russo wants a word.
  13. The Wyatt Family has a limit on how many times they can black out the arena.
  14. Kofi won twice and we only saw it once.
  15. No one Bo-lieved in booking when we book the bull against Bo Dallas.

All in a nutshell, peeps. Canadian WWE RAW is usually a great show. Great crowd!

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