15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 7/14/14

  1. Roman is straightforward Cena. And he doesn’t repeat himself twice..but get WWE Network
  2. When Sting looks back at the orchestra, play that ish again…but get WWE Network
  3. Fandango look like the person left out of a 3-way…..but get WWE Network.
  4. Ambrose gonna show up on Smackdown more wrapped up than a mummy..but get WWE Network.
  5. Cena, believe in Roman….but get WWE Network.
  6. Cameron, you got another tag team partner. There has been no escalation for you…but get WWE Network.
  7. So, what was Bray’s explanation again? I’m confused…but get WWE Network.
  8. Jericho, always run in the direction you’re running, never backpedal…but get WWE Network.
  9. Ziggler got two women to replace Vickie…but get WWE Network.
  10. Anybody who comes from the state that cannot get election votes counted correctly cannot call the US trash……but get WWE Network.
  11. Jericho goes on these rants and I just wait for, “Armbar,”…but get WWE Network
  12. When you don’t believe, you’ll see a wet-haired guy say, ‘Hey there buddy, get WWE NETWORK….AND BO-LIEVE!
  13. We’re gonna call every wrestler who gets in idiotic segments, “The Sandow Treatment,”…but get WWE Network.
  14. Stephanie, showing that slap doesn’t make anyone feel bad, but say it with me: “Bladder Control!”…but get WWE Network
  15. WWE Network got more plugs than a damn power strip…but get WWE Network.

Who wants WWE Network?!