15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/9/14

  1. Dean, you killed Roman’s mean mug. He wanted to say something too while you dropped the mic.
  2. Stephanie, congrats on holding your bladder during that segment.
  3. Layla got milked backstage for kissing Fandango.
  4. Lana, sorry, you have the same Prez as we do. (oops, I wasn’t going to tell anyone.)
  5. So, the Shield needed Neon? No, Cena, No.
  6. Sandow..you have become worse than Santino.
  7. Xavier Woods didn’t Bo-Lieve in his ranger powers.
  8. Randy Orton gets another hand-me-down.
  9. Zeb Coulter…the master motivator.
  10. Dean Ambrose is the guy who will jump in a fight from anywhere.
  11. Cena, remember the Shield used to beat you down. But since they’re good guys, you’re gonna hang around them.
  12. This is all Cole’s fault. He did name Seth Rollins’s the architect.
  13. Goldust partner choices are still lacking.
  14. Zack Ryder, I remember when you had a strap. Who did you piss off?
  15. Eat the popcorn, Anna Mae Aksana. Alicia Turner said so.