15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/8/15

WWE RAW 6/8/15

Subtitle: Swing, Batter Batter!

  1. Too many early home-runs!
  2. John Cena wants to prove he’s above it all.
  3. Toss the chair!
  4. Randy Orton hit the nae nae RKO! Watch this video.
  5. Kofi Kingston gets shot down more in mid air than skeet shooting!
  6. WWE got a crackpot security team!
  7. Remember, even when you wrestle and become an agent, you still have a chance to pin the WWE Champion.
  8. That was the Lunatic size popcorn.
  9. Go heel and establish relevance. It worked for 1 out of 3 members of The New Day.
  10. Lana gonna be in flats soon with those ankles.
  11. Team 3D, it’s your move.
  12. Seth is now that child who regrets what he said.
  13. Joey Mercury pinned the WWE Champion….oh no.
  14. Will WWE seriously let Cena beat Owens?
  15. Prepare for the reign of Reigns heel turn…until the beast returns.