15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/22/15

WWE RAW 6/22/15

The Band is Back Together

  1. So we’re going back to a few months ago when the champ can’t win alone.
  2. What happened to Brock absorbing the Undertaker’s powers?!
  3. Paul Heyman can make a tree sound menacing.
  4. It’s a shame when you have to convince people that the WWE Champion has a chance.
  5. There isn’t much reason to keep this Kingston vs Neville thing. Prime Time Neville?
  6. If Zack Ryder won, the king would be a court jester.
  7. The word, “suckbag,” isn’t even in kids’ vocabularies..because it sucks.
  8. #GiveDivasAChance – this needs to be said again because they didn’t get it the first 900000000 times!
  9. All valets, ring escorts, and guests…take notes from Paul Heyman.
  10. So, we’re seriously selling the fact that all it took was J&J Security, Kane and Seth Rollins to put down Lesnar? Let me spend the last 5 of this post that Lesnar survived.
  11. The same guy who got up from 3 Attitude Adjustments in a row.
  12. Survived the Triple H shovel.
  13. Suplexed John Cena > 20 times. Guy hasn’t had a WWE Title match since!
  15. BROKE THE STREAK….seriously got put down by 3 midgets and Kane?!