15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/2/14

  1. Believe in Triple H’s shovel…there’s a burial somewhere near it.
  2. Stephanie can’t rag John Cena like she does Daniel Bryan. She knows that he’s the money maker.
  3. Batista…your ‘dominant return’ was an empty promise. That’s not Hunter’s fault.
  4. Sin Cara is not your partner of choice, Goldust.
  5. Batista, you have been replaced.
  6. Seth Rollins gonna come out suited and booted next week!
  7. Sandow, you are now Santino.
  8. Kofi needs to start Bo-Lieving for victories.
  9. Stephanie, you also showed true colors at WWE Payback….except it made your outfit darker.
  10. Nikki, you’re taking all of Brie’s punishment.
  11. Ziggler needs to Bo-Lieve also. He can’t catch a break.
  12. Seth wants to evolve.
  13. Stephanie is self-aware.
  14. If Triple H says, “Evolution is your solution,” run for the hills!
  15. Half-bald midget may not be worse than a full bald midget.