15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 6/17/13

  1. Mark Henry is giving Jericho a run for his Troll status with that swerve.
  2. Vickie Guerrero is the child that has the parents and the grandpa trying to tell her what to do…so confused.
  3. Sorry, AJ, you can’t out-psycho a psycho.
  4. Kaitlyn is so distraught that she’s taking her clothes off….
  5. Superman, meet Lex Luthor…he has hair and he’s huge!
  6. Don’t separate from Paul Heyman, he’ll send the beast for you!
  7. Zeb Coulter, you contradicting man…but then again, I expected as much with that Beardstache.
  8. Picture it: One boss saying you suck, the other saying great job, and the other just….”Listen to me.”
  9. Mark Henry deserves the Academy award for that performance.
  10. First the McGuillicutter, then The Perfect Plex, Now That DDT how many finishers will this beast have…wait, we’re talking about Curtis Axel.
  11. Stephanie lets you know that she doesn’t care for the cameras! She’s real! Eff the gimmick!
  12. The disturbance of The Wyatt Bros continues. “We’re coming.”
  13. Somewhere in the world Big Show is getting ready for his next face turn.
  14. I don’t know who’s the bigger flop: Sin Cara or Lebron’s NBA flopping.
  15. No Ryback? Yeah, I just noticed.