15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/16/14

  1. Cena learned Stair Throw. It was effective.
  2. Kevin Hart. Rose bud. All day. Every day. One bunny, no lemon, one sucker. You wanna go night night?
  3. The stretcher has padding.
  4. Explosive vomit, but that lipstick flawless!
  5. Where Bray goes, there will be a flying Uso.
  6. Vickie Guerrero….note the last name.
  7. One Man job squad. So who will join the band?
  8. Roman Reigns ain’t touching my coffee!
  9. Kevin Hart, where was the fire?!
  10. Sandow, your talents don’t even belong in South Beach.
  11. Fear the dust of the stars, Star Dust.
  12. Believe in the Superman Punch!
  13. FAAAAN–damn it they wasted Kevin’s commentary on this guy.
  14. I want Ambrose’s leather jacket!
  15. For the guy who doesn’t care, he will sure making a killing off DVDs soon. Good job BOOtista.