15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/15/15

WWE RAW 6/15/15

Subtitle: Suplex City is Now Accepting New Occupants

  1. You may been handpicked, but you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  2. Discretion is the best form of valor…or the fact that Seth Rollins crapped his pants.
  3. Destruction!
  4. There is ABSOLUTELY no way that Seth Rollins can come out of this without being suplexed to Hell.
  5. I would say that Owens needs to power-bomb Justin Bieber next, but Seth’s time is coming.
  6. J&J Security for Tag Team Champions!
  7. Owens drops NXT title, Cena drops US Title, Cena gets back into World Title picture. Wait for it.
  8. Miz is like the unimportant/important screw in this project.
  9. Bray, all you had to do was pull down the case.
  10. Paige is too outnumbered.
  11. Mention Stephanie’s name and everyone scatters.
  12. Money in the Bank and King of the Ring hold no relevance.
  13. It’s still a Texas Cloverleaf to me.
  14. Do too much too soon in WWE and you’ll start picking fights.
  15. Pressure? No pressure at all. Just a ticket to Suplex City. Get on the train!