15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 6/1/15

WWE RAW 6/1/15

Bully Aftermath

  1. Pout and let Daddy talk when someone takes your toy.
  2. Mommy and Daddy will try to punish the bully.
  3. When a bigger guy comes in your face, are you still the big guy?
  4. How many matches Mike Choida reffed? So, anyone can be Nikki Bella because a blind man could tell them apart now.
  5. New signature move for Titus: The Dog Call.
  6. Super Cena is acknowledged.
  7. So, you beat up your son’s hero to become your son’s hero.
  8. Roman Reigns got no sleep during this show.
  9. Why fold a chair and pick it up where there is a nice ringbell in the timekeeper’s section?
  10. Bo-Lieving in the pain.
  11. Seriously? Roman Reigns just stays in that match. We all know who is going to win it.
  12. At the end of the day, Seth was still crying for his toy.
  13. If anyone thought that Ambrose was going to pull a Brock and keep that title at home…you’re a lunatic.
  14. How about a couple of beers shown between the brothers?
  15. I sensed some salt in Cena’s voice. Money in the Bank = Cena defeats Owens.