15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 6/10/13

  1. Yes, John…Wash Ryback’s diaper.
  2.  Son: Daddy, I wanna fight
    *Rings bell*
    Daddy: No
    Son: But I WANNA!
    *Takes bell*
    Daddy: No
  3. Ryback is somewhat of a shooter (pea-shooter) in his promos…or does he read the dirtsheets every blue moon?
  4. Again, the relevance of Curtis Axel is redundant.
  5. Ryback knows every move Cena is going to make, but Ken from Street Fighter said it best: “You know my moves, don’t you? Why’d you just walk into ’em like that?” Watch the 5 moves!
  6. Kane…the sensible monster.
  7. The new superfriends can’t get alone. Wonder powers activate! Form of Beard, Tats, and Fire!!!
  8. Vickie gets hot for Kane….
  9. Sorry, Steph, that HEEEYYYY was forced!
  10. Dad: Ok, you can fight.
    Son: I don’t wanna.
    Dad: Please fight.
    Son: I don’t wanna!
  11. All this hugging! Vince, Stone Cold wants to have a word with you.
  12. For the love of all that’s holy could they please give Big E a singlet that fits him?
  13. So, Curtis Axel has beat Triple H 3-4 times and never pinned him once? Let’s move on with life.
  14. Vickie just gained weight eating that burger!
  15. BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD! FEAR THE WYATT! What’s the next 3 man team that will basically make one wrestler?