15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 5/6/13

  1. You better have a complex character when facing Damien Sandow, or else he’ll bury it in 30 seconds flat!
  2. Cena tried to own Ryback, but didn’t realize that he was owned the moment his music played.
  3. I thought Cesaro was going to go on a ‘hair tear’ since he ripped Kingston’s dreads.
  4. Get close…Mark Henry wants to show you his serious face….
  5. Get closer….he has grays.
  6. Get close..you now see the pigmentation difference in Mark Henry and Sheamus.
  7. Randy Orton needs to do something else..this theme is going to stick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgWUlU6N7f0
  8. We only have so many days…Brock, stare at shit, break it, and make it look like we didn’t call the HQ ahead of time.
  9. Who did Paul receive the email from? I thought this anonymous GM crap was done.
  10. Like I’m going to believe a WWE Executive has a wooden desk.
  11. Triple H….it was a sledgehammer, not an iron fist.
  12. Paul Heyman, give the kid his World Heavyweight Championship back.
  13. Dancing with the FANDANGO…..
  14. So He Is Easy Laying Down – SHIELD
  15. I’m slipping on this, but it has to get better…just like RAW.