15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 5/5/14

  1. Kane fell face first, how did he lay on the ground like he in a damn casket?!
  2. Win against Evolution, lose title next night in 20-man battle royal. Yep, that’s Authority.
  3. You’d think Brie got all her screaming out a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Demons come in cars, not from hell.
  5. Big E….I’m afraid the chalk has run out.
  6. Stephanie, quit unleashing the monster and calling it a demon. Control your creation.
  7. Rybaxel got their theme, so they’re legit now?!
  8. The Adam Rose express has stopped. That bunny, though…
  9. So, Cesaro is back 100% heel? Y’all seriously didn’t see that coming?
  10. Bray done flipped the script. FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!
  11. Sheamus says it’s just business, but I smell a heel turn.
  12. We feeding all the Negros to the Russian?!
  13. That car got repaired quick, but wait, Bryan’s frugal ass owns one of those?!
  14. Zeb got some jokes in that mustache!
  15. Superman didn’t want to hear the crowd sing his theme.

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