15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 5/4/15

WWE RAW 5/4/15

Kane Asserts His Burning Authority

  1. More politics than politics.
  2. So, 3 guys who come up short in their entire careers are downplaying folks who came up short in one night?
  3. Canada, this is why you’ll never be the post-Wrestlemania crowd.
  4. Ryback went to all kinds of school during his injury.
  5. Kofi looked like he wanted to jump behind Natalya while she was dancing.
  6. The Ascension has stopped ascending.
  7. Sometimes, the thief is the one who gets something stolen.
  8. If that crowd had more passion, it’ll be a riot.
  9. The addition of Dean Ambrose….I approve of this.
  10. Triple H will come back and try to veto stuff next week.
  11. Fact..New Day suck. Fact..My pecs are larger than Kofi’s.
  12. We’ll see that tag team match on Smackdown.
  13. Neville is indeed forgotten by gravity.
  14. Seth is like the bully who finally had the 3 guys he was bullying finally get him.
  15. Dean…you’re fighting for the WWE title. Go PSYCHO!!