15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 5/26/14

  1. Budget cuts are real. Del Rio doesn’t have his new theme, Batista doesn’t have an Evolution shirt, and only essential positions are kept.
  2. BOlieve or Follow the Buzzards!
  3. Alicia is the reason there’s not many black divas.
  4. Of course the Russians will say something about the Americans on Memorial Day.
  5. I thought Paul Heyman wasn’t going to mention Brock Lesnar. Wishful thinking.
  6. So, Stephanie is to boss. We understand that now, Triple H is a wrestler again.
  7. Stephanie CAN control Kane.
  8. Shake hands or catch a foot to the face.
  9. Drew McIntyre is bound for TNA. Ask Chavo.
  10. Rose likes his lemon.
  11. The Usos are not learning that people get booed by association.
  12. The Shield know what contract signings lead to, so they cleared all the furniture early.
  13. JBL does bring some saving to the commentary; however, wrestling still needs saving.
  14. How far is Knoxville from Chicago?
  15. If every kid says, ‘Bitch’, blame superhero John Cena.