15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 5/19/14

  1. London crowd – 1. Paul Heyman – 0.
  2. I need a Russian translator for two reasons: to translate what Rusev says and to translate
  3. So, Rusev is finally targeting more than African-Americans. I thought I was gonna pull the NAACP card on WWE.
  4. Speak softly and carry a Superman fist.
  5. Big E really needed 5.
  6. Alberto Del Rio doesn’t have any London money. He’s using his old music.
  7. Del Rio can’t spot the Rolling Thunder, so RVD had to improvise.
  8. Triple H, you’re the boss. How did you not know about the commentary?!
  9. Brad Maddox made this official?! I forgot he had a job…with everyone else pushing weight.
  10. Alicia…flipped a switch on insanity?
  11. John Cena always trying to take the heat off him by hanging out with faces…
  12. We had a live concert to kick off RAW. Singing, lighters, the whole 9 yards…
  13. Fandango, you have been replaced.
  14. Luke Harper did a hurricanrana. It was miles better than Cena’s.
  15. Chicago crowd…you got some competition.