15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 5/12/14

  1. It’s starting to come together….white Evolution and a black Evolution. One’s low budget, the other’s…well, you know the rest.
  2. Roman is the guy who said, ‘Fuck it, I’m doing this. Believe in ME!”
  3. RVD and Adam Rose party together.
  4. Alicia hasn’t learned that the European tour is coming up…but then again, legs ain’t all we look at.
  5. Damn, the only break Daniel got while being champ is making Brie say, ‘Yes!’ during the honeymoon.
  6. So, Hunter, when Shield planted you on your ass, you were just pretending?!
  7. WWE RAW – Total Divas hour was annoying.
  8. See, Summer Rae, that can be you, but you gotta make it real.
  9. So, Rusev is hot and the only way to get hotter is by beating Big E? Sorry, that train sailed a month ago.
  10. So Layla is on Total Divas next season.
  11. Stephanie, you keep unleashing the monster and acting like you don’t know about it?! You’re not an innocent bystander.
  12. Brie vs Stephanie…calling it.
  13. “Stupid suits & their stupid ties & their stupid expensive cars. We showed up in a Lumina & we still won tonight” – Dean Ambrose
  14. Lana is the only diva who really gets to model each week.
  15. I don’t know what’s shorter: The list of black people who Rusev hasn’t beaten or Lana’s dresses.