15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 4/28/14

  1. Wanna get cheers? Boost up people who cheer you more. Ask Cena.
  2. “He’s got the whole world” has new meaning.
  3. Kiddies ain’t on your side, Johnny Boy.
  4. Sheamus and Titus…a contrast of colors.
  5. You’re master of magnetism? But no championship.
  6. “Knock, knock” jokes will not soften the blow of the defeated streak.
  7. Del Rio has more budget. His new theme is back.
  8. Cody, it was 1 on 1. Why push your brother?!
  9. Basically, Stephanie is the most over heel female. Sad, but the Divas title lacks relevance.
  10. Kane is reborn 2000 times.
  11. BNB got his podium back!
  12. Symbol of excellence…I put you guys over Evolution, but NOT the 4 Horsemen.
  13. I was waiting for Justin Roberts to say, “The Legend Killer.”
  14. After 10 years, Triple H still leads the charge. Batista and Orton haven’t learned squat in a decade!
  15. WOOOO! Even Flair disapproved of the Evolution reunion.