15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 4/20/15

WWE RAW 4/20/15 – There is an RKO for Everyone

  1. There is an RKO for everyone.
  2. Seth, Triple H is losing faith. It’s just one guy.
  3. Kane wants more power.
  4. If I hear a Que barking off guard out of nowhere, it’d scare me too.
  5. Guardian of the Gate? This is not Destiny.
  6. More DQs and dirty finishes…Dusty Rhodes back booking?
  7. The monster is not dead….he just has on a suit.
  8. Authority swerve during the Pay Per View
  9. Cold steel? Of course. It’s from Russia.
  10. I bo-lieve that Big Show vs Roman Reigns will have Big Show cheered.
  11. Where dat Stunner?
  12. If Stone Cold isn’t hosting Tough Enough, it will NOT be tough!
  13. J&J security need to stand on shoulders to make eye contact with Kane.
  14. No Stephanie burying superstars?!
  15. New Day heel?