15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 3/9/15

WWE RAW 3/9/15 – Flipping Off

  1. Brock Lesnar’s full name is now Brock Lesnar World Heavy Champion.
  2. Paul Heyman is being reeled in due to excessive promo skills.
  3. John Cena rose above the bullying campaign.
  4. Triple H will be PISSED when he returns!
  5. The voices from the darkness reigned supreme on RAW.
  6. The ol’ bait and switch works every time.
  7. WWE’s production….don’t mess with Sting’s voice.
  8. Randy Orton went full Steve Austin tonight.
  9. I want Brock Lesnar World Heavy Champion’s job. Stand, smirk, and leave.
  10. Seth Rollins is cheaper as a wrestler than Brock Lesnar World Heavy Champion.
  11. Air time is so expensive that we put Brock Lesnar World Heavy Champion on TV, but keep him from the #1 contender.
  12. Finally, an RKO that actually broke the table.
  13. Speak of the deadman..and he shall light your chair on fire.
  14. Roll out the red carpet and pour the champagne. Don’t be mad about the benefits.
  15. R-Truth is a wanted man.