15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 3/31/14

  1. So, who’s the real WWE Network/App rep? King or Cole?
  2. Washington DC sees Batista. No fucks are given.
  3. Follow…the…Superman?!
  4. AJ didn’t like the rear view of her match tonight.
  5. Undertaker, ask many companies and corporate America on beating taxes. They’ve gotten the most breaks.
  6. Summer Rae got her revenge from being kicked off Nattie’s property on Total Divas.
  7. R-Truth is the new Kofi.
  8. Kane lost too much weight to fit in tights, so he wears slacks. I’m glad they’re not tight, or we’d have a Big Red Monster version of Batista on our hands.
  9. Coach Hunter is trying to teach Batista and Orton again….It’s like Phil Jackson coming out of retirement to coach Jordan. It’s been done.
  10. Your Wrestlemania original main event has been downgraded to a RAW main event.
  11. Wrestling God, the Omegas wanna take you to the grass for that bark.
  12. Sure, a giant is going to be a favorite in an Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
  13. Piper sounds epic when saying, ‘Really.’ Miz is still holding onto his irrelevancy.
  14. Randy, remember when Hunter threw you out of the window of your house? Now, you’re kissing his ass?!
  15. Daniel Bryan said to hell with everyone!