15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 3/30/15

WWE RAW 3/30/15 – Fallout and Destruction

  1. I’m running from all red-colored mohawks.
  2. If I meet Brock Lesnar, my name will be Paul Heyman.
  3. Post Wrestlemania crowd ALWAYS hijack the show!
  4. “Bitch” got tossed around a lot tonight.
  5. The Beast got unleashed, caged, and unleashed again, all in one night.
  6. Superman is champion again….
  7. The first WWE Champion to be naked…Seth Rollins.
  8. NXT is taking over RAW!
  9. The crowd seriously did the ‘Wave’…over and over and over again!
  10. Stephanie forgot that Ronda hurt that arm.
  11. Brock ran out of pyro budget.
  12. The Ascension have stopped ascending.
  13. So, the Bellas gonna feud again!
  14. If you have a first name, be ready to lose it when you debut on RAW
  15. Mizdow is still searching for his identity.