15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 3/24/14

  1. Batista, let ‘er rip!
  2. Batista cannot read scripts. How did you get movies again?
  3. If you’re the Undertaker, there’s always a way to the ring without walking.
  4. If Christian does the Killswitch quick, he will win the match.
  5. Bray Wyatt is the spiritual animal of those against Cena.
  6. Damien Sandow is the new Santino.
  7. The reality is that Triple H wants his shovel.
  8. So, for the Rhodes brothers, they will face the same opponent each week to see who will win the fastest.
  9. THE ARNOLD with dat Backhand from the 90s!
  10. Clash of the Titus is now closed for business.
  11. The sheep herder became a sheep tonight.
  12. Say Hello to the Bad Guy! This one’s for you, Chico! Congrats on the Hall of Fame Induction
  13. Miz, you fought Cena and won?! Oh wait, you did. Rock was the saving grace of that matchup.
  14. Stephanie does not like to reminisce the Attitude Era.
  15. Brock and Undertaker played the pointing game. ‘Hey, I’ll point at the sign.’ ‘Hey, I’ll point too.’