15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 3/23/15

WWE RAW 3/23/15 – Go Home and Be a Better WWE

  1. All jokes aside, Sting’s entrance is still surreal…even though the Crow theme fits too well!
  2. Paul Heyman goes to lengths in his promos and doesn’t screen them by Brock Lesnar.
  3. What’s up with all this keep-away/tug-o-war playground sh*t with the belts?!
  4. Snoopmania got promo skills my nizzle.
  5. Bray Wyatt is requesting the POWAH!
  6. Natalya finally met a bull she couldn’t ride.
  7. Swagger vs Rusev 9000. Which way is it not supposed to go?
  8. Steph…you’re not on the same level of Sting..hotness aside.
  9. Apparently, the bat is a shotgun in Triple H’s eyes.
  10. Too much mania going on to make a good Wrestlemania!
  11. The punt has to return.
  12. Always look before you elbow someone.
  13. Even LL can’t hype this dead Wrestlemania up.
  14. All we need now is for Bray Wyatt to do is reconstruct his chair.
  15. Cena wins, Bryan wins, Reigns wins, Wyatt wins, and no one cares about anything else.