15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 3/17/14

  1. AJ Lee…Tamina says sit down.
  2. Triple H is wanting to pull a Vince and be champ and boss.
  3. Evolution reunion….semi-worked shoots. Interesting…
  4. John Cena, you’re a multi-time champ, why so scared?
  5. Bray Wyatt is still sick as hell with promos.
  6. Randy Orton tweening with the crowd with the RKO and the pose.
  7. Batista, no one likes you.
  8. Batista is so bad that he forgot when he says that he’s out, he has to actually get out.
  9. So, a big nosed boss and a old man with a face lift gonna dog a man with an epic beard? Ok.
  10. Steph, honestly, the condescending boss type is really bad for business. Wrestlers appear smaller.
  11. The ARNOLD is in the Yes movement!
  12. Triple H, get it right or get none!
  13. I Pity the FOOL who ain’t wit the Yes Movement.
  14. Kane did not believe in the Shield.
  15. Triple H…sorry, you have fully lost your pants. Bring your panties to WM30.