15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 2/24/14

  1. Hulk Hogan has got off the sinking titanic, and back on the not-so-sinking titanic.
  2. WWE needed a big face to go into RAW. Sorry, Randy and Batista, a retired wrestler who has had more back surgeries than your collective title reigns will be the highlight. Coming behind him are two guys who are around when the moon is blue.
  3. Leg takedowns should be easy. Today, they are so complicated that knees get hyper-extended.
  4. New Age is now Old Age.
  5. Kane is constantly rocking those skinny slacks.
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I stand here as an advocate for Rogaine.
  7. The breakup of the Shield is delayed….Dean, you DID cause Roman that match.
  8. Triple H dodging Daniel Bryan.
  9. Emma is the female Santino.
  10. So, we feeding the streak to Brock or we gonna cap off the streak with Brock losing? We actually have some level of wonder.
  11. Taker had that psycho look when he stuck his tongue out!
  12. So, each show will have a panel?! I thought that was just for PPV.
  13. Did this man just gulp when he was in the face of Undertaker?! EPIC SELL, LESNAR!
  14. Cesaro put in that work with the swing tonight.
  15. Just because he’s 10 years younger, that does not give you the right to call him,’son’, John.