15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 2/23/15

WWE RAW 2/23/15, aka Vipers Don’t Make Good Pets

  1. You can actually go half-naked to a professional summit.
  2. Being passed out and not tapping out equals giving up in Russia.
  3. Vipers don’t play nice.
  4. Nashville had Beyonce hidden in the arena somewhere.
  5. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Curtis Axel. Curtis Axel who? Exactly.
  6. Axel said don’t change the channel. I would’ve if WCW was on the air.
  7. The budget behind Sting’s videos was less than the amount if Sting actually showed up.
  8. The Ascension could not ascend to Million-dollar status.
  9. Bray is going after an old man who will have to dye his hair when he returns.
  10. Whose balls bigger? Russian monster or American Superman?
  11. Emma is still suffering from shoplifting syndrome.
  12. We end a wrestling show by looking at 3 non-wrestling mofos.
  13. #RKOOuttaNowhere
  14. Triple H knows that a viper cannot be controlled.
  15. Believe in the Yes Movement.