15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 2/17/14

  1. Randy Orton, everyone gets one. In this case, your one is Christian.
  2. Emma, Santino is going to cobra you for the loss.
  3. Batista, pushing Del Rio doesn’t make you big. You aren’t big anymore.
  4. John Cena is searching for validation. Rolling into his signature now classifies in his eyes that he can wrestle.
  5. But we all draw the attention to the following: WHO PUTS THEIR HANDS ON THE HEAD FOR THE CESARO SWING?!! He hasn’t dropped ANYONE on their head yet and Cesaro swung his way to face you! So, that’s about 50 swings he’s done thus far. Pretty sure he’s got that down.
  6. Triple H looked like he wanted to tell Batista, “That isn’t in our kid script. That’s grown up stuff!!!”
  7. Titus, until you change your catch phrase from your frat’s call (WHICH THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO NEED TO BE BARKING), we can’t see you in that title picture.
  8. Wyatts need to be quicker with their run ins. The music hitting twice like that gives me time to run.
  9. Shield, why is WWE doing your backstage promos?! What happened to that camera.
  10. 15. things. humor. fun. super website. Sorry, Alexander Rusev. I can be simple too.
  11. Finally, I told the Usos personally they need the straps when they signed my Wrestlemania book 2 years ago!
  12. Del Rio didn’t use the word “perro” last night!
  13. The end brawl was missing JR’s commentary. Big time! “IT’S PANDEMONIUM IN DENVER!!”
  14. Santino, when you do a stunner……MOTHERFUCKING STUNNER SOMEBODY! Stone Cold had this discussion with you a long time ago!
  15. Was about 1.5 of the 3 hours promo?! The big promo with the chamber could’ve been cut to the Cesaro/Cena booking and the big fight and we would’ve had a 2-hour action packed product.