15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 1/6/14

  1. Ryback, you are compared to Goldberg. Take it as a compliment and roll with it. We do not need you insulting Big E.
  2. Michael Cole is a troll when he wants to be. “He has a championship, and you don’t.”
  3. The Godfather left all the hoes in Vegas.
  4. I.R.S is here for tax season. He comes after me, I’m borrowing Damien from Jake.
  5. I wanted Jake to cut a promo so bad! Check this promo!
  6. Everyone is pointing out Randy’s attitude…even the guy who helped break him in.
  7. Ric Flair, I wonder if you will be in Carolina for the game this weekend against the 49ers.
  8. Cena is that guy who gets the rub off the popular guy to make himself look popular.
  9. Brock Lesnar is Tigger..He is just waiting for his cue to bounce around and dance.
  10. Alberto….we still hear pins drop.
  11. We’re rehashing the “referee mistakes” for the one millionth time!
  12. Roman Reigns is now the baddest man on the planet. Believe that, Ambrose.
  13. One word for Booker T and Yoga…DAMN!
  14. Do not mess with Sgt. Slaughter, and that is an order, maggot!
  15. The legends showing these whippersnappers how entertainment is done.