15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 12/9/13

  1. Superman has business cards.
  2. Cena has some ‘shoot’ in him for some reason lately.
  3. Let’s face it: Daniel Bryan owns. Recognize it!
  4. The Shield should do promos in suits.
  5. Sorry, Mark Henry’s swerve was the swerve of swerves!
  6. Vickie coming out with those coochie cutters, trying to be sexy!
  7. What is Kofi’s win/loss record. 10-90?
  8. Rule #1: No one shoves CM Punk.
  9. Shawn Michaels: The only full tweener. Cheers and boos.
  10. The end scene….The Authority and Cena?! Precursor to the impossible?! Pull the trigger already, you’ve been sitting on it for almost 6 years!
  11. Brodus, what match did you Main Event?
  12. Whoever does the trons and graphics, give me your job. I promise this won’t happen!BbFn2stCMAAoX2P
  13. Bray Wyatt is still gold with his promos and character.
  14. H-B-Shizzle….it rolls off the tongue.
  15. Sigh, we will get a tutorial on this app each week.

Sigh, if Wrestlemania 30 would consist of every person in the end scene, it would be gold!