15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW 1/27/14

  1. Seriously, Stephanie…protecting Daniel Bryan from wrestling multiple matches?! Watch your product.
  2. Daniel Bryan basically said what EVERYONE was thinking tonight.
  3. Batista, the gray beard kinda makes your lips look chap during closeups.
  4. No one is happy now that Batista is pushed to the freaking moon after a 4 year hiatus.
  5. Brock Lesnar, we do hear you, but I remember when Heyman wasn’t always your mouthpiece.
  6. Charles Robinson is the best ref ever! He saved a few lives tonight with that chair spot.
  7. Wyatts do not care who they attack, but wow, we now have a Shield/Wyatt feud…finally.
  8. That suplex spot by the divas was for the sheer purpose of moving everyone out the way for Naomi’s badonkadonk attack.
  9. Sigh, so WWE, are we expected to ignore Batista flipping people off last night?!
  10. And also, can we forget CM Punk was left by the Old Age Outlaws? But wait, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BOYS AND GIRLS CHILDREN OF ALL AGES…
  11. The Usos are now taking dance classes from their dad.
  12. Zeb is slapping some real into the Real Americans. Ask Jack Swagger.
  13. Bad News Barrett needs to be more of a shoot instead of a heel promo person with that large podium. Channel your inner Jim Cornette. We all have him.
  14. Jake ‘The Snake” Roberts’ induction is a sign..the Hall of Fame class will have some epic speeches!
  15. John Cena is trying to be the guy who wants the pop to rub off on him. Sorry, Batman’s sidekick is Robin, not Superman.