15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 12/30/13

  1. Cena vs Orton version 5000? A blind man could see that coming. What a waste of a big announcement.
  2. So, the Shield is debating among themselves…”I’m better.” “No, I’m better.” The catch is that CM Punk beat all 3 of you….at once.
  3. Brad Maddox is the pansy of WWE RAW.
  4. The General Manager position is irrelevant with a COO, Principal Owner, and a Director of Ops on the same show!
  5. Axel/Ziggler number 9000..
  6. Bad News Barrett is still stealing from “Married with Children.”
  7. The Great Khali is comic relief…
  8. Main Event Playa got beat in the lower card.
  9. Brock Lesnar hit puberty today! Listen to those roars!
  10. Paul Heyman can get a broom over.
  11. Team Not Total Divas got a win since the show is off season.
  12. So, the guy with the largest reactions does a heel turn?!
  13. THE FACE OF THE WWE…wasn’t on TV this week. So, he was well forgotten.
  14. THE FACE OF THE WWE…wasn’t on TV this week. He got kryptonite for Christmas.
  15. WWE Announce teams give two sh*ts about what’s going on in their faces. It’s all about the moment that happened minutes ago. “Watch Big E Langston retain the title…but what about that CM Punk promo earlier today?”