15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 12/2/13

  1. Orton, you may believe your name is bigger, but one more wellness violation, you’ll be on the unemployment line…or TNA.
  2. 14 titles…and he still has some in the tank. Unless WWE gets some new stars, then Cena’s surpassing Flair (tear).
  3. Stephanie…we get it, you get the dick. Quit sucking it live.
  4. Kane is putting his public speaking on the spot in this gimmick.
  5. CM Punk is reminding everyone why he is the pipe bomb of the WWE.
  6. What happened to the champions who showed up suited and booted? Everyone advertising their apparel.
  7. Sin Cara won?! Wait, no botch?!
  8. Superman tried to put his big boy promo boots on today.
  9. Brodus, what show did you main event?
  10. Rick Ross showing Summer Rae his moves.
  11. Speaking of moves, Summer Rae introduced her move: The Butt Bump.
  12. Michael Cole…Christopher Lambert wants a word with you with that, “There can be only one,” comment.
  13. Once in a Lifetime?! Chris Jericho and Stone Cold…joke Stephanie.
  14. Sigh, the title of General Manager is still irrelevant.
  15. So, Unified Champion sounds better than Undisputed Champion? Come on, WWE Universe.