15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 12/16/13

  1. Randy, watch this video and practice. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYFKvXwk_v4
  2. I believe that each time a champion says something idiotic, their reign should be stripped 3 days. Orton, time’s running out.
  3. #LearnToBeAMainEventPlaya – Brodus Clay.
  4. WWE, stop acting like this hasn’t happened before. The guy has two titles..this has happened before.
  5. Bray Wyatt breaks the weird scale each week.
  6. Did…this….man….take…a….SELFIE?!  #WWERAWFLOW – http://t.co/qQmOdLzWRS
  7. You’d think after all that money Vince blew on Linda’s campaigns he’d be over democracy. All this voting ish going on.
  8. Hope there isn’t another wellness policy violation..they only got two major titles.
  9. Pop-Locking, Cheering, Booty Shaking…they do not fit in the ring all at once.
  10. JBL…make up your mind. Face or heel.
  11. Randy Orton is the child who got pissed off that the other kids got shiny toys. He stole Cena’s and Bryan’s.
  12. Santa fight?! This is how we promo a wrestling show?
  13. Low Blow…I thought Orton would’ve gone for the ref slap again.
  14. The fact that Cena asked for the match to be for the title was so overlooked.
  15. Wade Barrett, Married With Children called…they want their concept of logos back.