15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 1/20/14

  1. Batista returns and honestly, we were still STOKED to hear what Daniel Bryan had to say.
  2. Big Show can do Heyman’s voice so well that there was no mic work from Heyman whatsoever.
  3. Orton and Cena….no sells whatsoever on either side. Orton just walks away from everything, even walks into a random car!
  4. That tunnel…so everyone arrives from there?! Why didn’t Orton just barricade it? Oh wait, Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t let him.
  5. Batista and Del Rio was looking like 2 kids fighting over the last cupcake. Apparently, Del Rio ate it and Batista was pissed!
  6. With all that screaming, AJ must have smelled the cake on Tamina’s jacket.
  7. Faaaaaan-Damn-he still got work?!
  8. Kane can’t touch people, but Triple H pedigrees anyone he wants!
  9. When we didn’t care about Del Rio/Mysterio the first 1001 times, why would the 1002nd be any different?!
  10. Batista couldn’t do the Batista Bomb because of the jeans, so he did a power bomb and everyone still sh*t their pants!
  11. Naomi’s wedding gift: Pinning AJ.
  12. So, if you’re involved in the Rumble, you can’t interfere in the match with Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan. This is WWE logic.
  13. Forget Falcon Punch…ROMAN PUNCH!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxSEsMkumto
  14. New Shirt, New Champ? That’s usually how it’s been for Cena.
  15. So, it’s sold. The chain of command is: The Authority, The Director of Operations, and Brad Maddox. Somebody is drawing free money. You decide.