15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 11/4/13

  1. Zeb Coulter is a major recruiter! WE, THE PEOPLE!
  2. Uncrowned Champion? Boy you lost. A loser. Done. Finito. Do not pass go, do not collect $200! (provided by http://secretsinajewel.wordpress.com)
  3. WWE Voting is like this: 2 people who aren’t pushed vs 1 person getting a push. Come on, make this ish believable!
  4. John, with that crowd, any more excitement, they’ll pee on ya.
  5. I’ll never be a high flyer…I’d stay in the midcard. Ask Kofi.
  6. Shut up…or shit up?! Come on Del Rio, get that accent out!
  7. Summer Rae…go back to DDT 101. Please and thank you.
  8. Big Show channeled his inner Joseph Park with his promo.
  9. Superman actually flew today!!!
  10. “Don’t drop me boy!!” – Thoughts of Big Show
  11. Cena’s neckbreaker is going to be called the ‘Come Get Some.’
  12. Stephanie….did you put some truth in that script?! We have found Fitz’s Presidential balls!
  13. Kane suited and booted on y’all fools!!!
  14. Stephanie, Big Show is in higher demand than you. Hell, the tailor of his suit is in higher demand!
  15. Please give Stephanie a new title aside from Principal Owner!!! She’s over creative, so be CREATIVE!!! Ok, I’m asking too much.