15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 11/25/13

  1. Sigh, Kofi please don’t wear a Skillz shirt until you win a match.
  2. So, did the Miz do a heel turn or did Kofi just do something to him backstage?
  3. Superman and Batman collide! Who’s who? You decide!!!
  4. Roman Reigns needs to spear everyone at random moments.
  5. Xavier Woods is actually singing the entrance music!
  6. Drew McIntyre..give Bossman his glasses back (RIP Ray Traylor).
  7. Mike Strahan did say Big Show was 400 towns…
  8. I get hiptossed embarrassingly, but I will celebrate with the guy at all times.
  9. Ok, so Xavier Woods has Gail Kim’s finisher. WWE has evened the score with stealing of signature moves.
  10. Potentially, John Cena can become a 15-time champion…let that sit on you.
  11. Mark Henry is Self Made.
  12. Eva is the red-head version of a dumb blonde.
  13. In The Rock’s poll, no kids were counted.
  14. Both matches fell soft, so let’s put em in a tag team!
  15. Get the trash, throw it in the ring (with the trashcans) and you have a match concept.