15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 11/18/13


  1. So, is the Director of Operations over the General Managers?
  2. “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?” – Triple H
    “The WWE Champion..” – Randy Orton.
    So, you’re talking to yourself?
  3. Vickie had the weakest entrance the whole night.
  4. Randy needs to have a mic every time he punches someone. It makes it finally look like he’s hitting someone.
  5. Modified theme = push. We all know this!
  6. They’re chanting for a guy with a mic while scantly-clad women fight? Sucky segment.
  7. Feed….me….knockout!
  8. I agree. Why WAS Heath Slater rocking @trishstratuscom‘s purple hat?! – shout out to @_cdparker_ for this one.
  9. Randy…your penance with the Authority is done. You’re off the payroll.
  10. I thought Randy was gonna have this moment with the ice bag. Click here to see what I mean.
  11. Sigh, Kofi can NEVER get out of the doghouse. Even an irrelevant heel turn didn’t do anything for this match.
  12. Vickie can’t even play faint.
  13. Remember, Vickie, you caused AJ a lot: her job, her storyline with Cena..but you did get to spank AJ.
  14. Dolph channeled his inner Jeff Jarrett tonight. Hair, strut, and all.
  15. Cena’s arm will be 100% after he goes to sleep. Superman is not hurt.