15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 11/11/13

  1. The General Manager title is generally irrelevant.
  2. Kofi is the new jobber to the stars.
  3. All this triple threat/handicap matches were basically saying is, “Let’s squeeze everyone in since we paid for flights.”
  4. JBL wants a bull like Los Matadores.
  5. Triple H and Stephanie are like the parents. Kane, Maddox, and Guerrero are the kids and they wanted to run everything.
  6. Announce tables are on constant standby..so why do they not repair the spanish announce table when it breaks every other PPV?
  7. Ryback got claught slipping…and drooling.
  8. Fan-Damn-It, he’s still relevant?!
  9. Manchester…if they give Cena a warmer reaction, they’d pee on him.
  10. So, I still do not know who was in charge of RAW.
  11. Orton…you may hang around the boss, but you are not the boss.
  12. Finally, the 6 people who were kept on separate wavelengths got ahold of one another.
  13. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk pulled a nice troll on the Wyatts and the Shield.
  14. Tamina does not have any hangtine with the splash.
  15. I still haven’t learned what this Director of Opeations job is.