15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 10/14/13

  1. Triple H, we see you getting in the ring with Big Show soon. It’s so obvious.
  2. Randy Orton, please correct your promos. If Shawn stands and counts to 3, you still won’t win. He has to hit the mat, so he won’t be standing.
  3. Principal owner of WWE….AKA, the voice behind creative fuckery.
  4. WE….THE PEOPLE…will Spin for a PUSH!
  5. So, wait…the heel corporate bosses told us that from this point on that they’re the heel corporate bosses?
  6. I want Cena’s recovery…but not his injuries. Hope this isn’t a rush for ratings.
  7. Santino has better dance moves…I think.
  8. Paul Heyman is the pot calling the kettle black…each moment his mouth opens.
  9. Punch, throw to trash can, and pull leg to get him back in camera…this is the PG Backstage Brawl. Brutal, ain’t it?
  10. We no longer believe in the Shield..Belt dropping time.
  11. An attempted superkick looks better than Del Rio’s punches.
  12. Big Show is prepping for another big push…or did his shirt make him look jacked?
  13. I guess the Rhodes didn’t clear the ring fast enough, Triple H came out pushing to get his camera spot.
  14. Stephanie, no matter how many times you get it, you can’t sound like Triple H when you’re putting him over…it just doesn’t add to your…what do you have again?
  15. Jaw wired shut?! So a Hall of Famer took a shot and was back juking and jiving and Michael Cole wanted us to believe that an 80% retired wrestler can’t take a punch?