15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 9/30/13

  1. CM Punk trolled a lot of people last night…I was hoping I heard some ‘You f*cked up’ moments.
  2. Randy Orton, the Viper, is back, and he learned his remorseless trait from Stephanie McMahon.
  3. Will the bull go everywhere?
  4. Big Show’s thoughts: “I punch poster, and made a hole in the wall. Next week, I put Triple H through the wall.” Sorry, Show, this isn’t that era.
  5. Santino vs Cesaro – Round 1000000. This is the staple match.
  6. WWE, please don’t botch this…don’t make this the moment where we wait for Cena to come back and save his girlfriend’s sister’s fiance.
  7. Finally, the table gives away on the RKO!
  8. The way Punk swings that kendo…”I don’t even know if that’s PG!”
  9. The things that WWE has done that made no sense, I actually thought for 2 seconds that Heyman was gonna go full proposal.
  10. Next week, Paul Heyman will try his proposal again….Punk, stop Heyman-Guy blocking!
  11. Ryback……two words for ya…NO CRYING!
  12. Use the Crane….it works.
  13. We…The People will get beat by the comedy act.
  14. Cesaro will spin until he gets a push!
  15. Brad Maddox will forever be a corporate pansy.