15 Things I Learned from WWE Payback – 6/1/14

  1. Batista missed practice and wore the wrong color.
  2. What did the fingers say to the face?! Good job Brie!
  3. Daniel Bryan is the next CM Punk. One of the few who kept a title during a major injury.
  4. Superman is back! He got past the buzzards.
  5. Stephanie and Batista have the same dresser, except Batista got the leggings and made his outfit.
  6. CM Punk – Best in the World, even when he’s next door to the arena where his name is chanted.
  7. Was Stephanie a victim of bad lighting or lost it since her character FINALLY took a hit? You decide by seeing this pic here.
  8. John Cena legitimately cannot beat anyone in a Last Man Standing match. At least no duct tape was involved this time.
  9. Alicia Fox took a stronger version of the medicine for Payback. She was calmer than normal.
  10. Roman Reigns was doing Sumo during that first Kendo stick hit. He just lifted his head to sell it, but no screams at all.
  11. Seth Rollins had that, “Y’all forgot about me, now what this!” look on his face before he jumped.
  12. After that Triple powerbomb, Evolution huddled up like, “Ok, we’re too old for this, but we gotta keep going for another 10 minutes.”
  13. Kane Bo-Lieved that he should’ve been on the card.
  14. Rusev taught Big E the Flag Wave. It was semi-effective.
  15. An unmasked El Torito is still El Torito.