15 Things I Learned from WWE Night of Champions

  1. Relevance is something that needs to be established by Seth Rollins.
  2. Lunatics are everywhere…..or is it just Dean Ambrose?
  3. We saw Dolph’s ziggy tonight.
  4. No top rope moves vs Randy Orton
  5. Paige was fighting for love tonight.
  6. So, he didn’t officially cash it in….even though he said it…and the announcer said it, but there was no ring bell? Well thought out?!
  7. So, where will they take Ambrose to now that he’s tied up?
  8. WWE, why air Total Divas at the same time as a Pay Per View? We want to see Lesnar beat up Cena AND Summer Rae get beat up by Natalya.
  9.  Country music was more important than the Miz.
  10. Patriotic Henry isn’t cutting it folks.
  11. To be a WWE Announcer, you do NOT have to know what’s going on in the ring.
  12. Nikki, you must have love to win the butterfly belt!
  13. Emergency surgery is an excuse, Seth. Having the same tailor as Stephanie isn’t.
  14. The cosmic key was found.
  15. Prediction results: 50%. Back to WWE Booking instead of real booking.