15 Things I Learned from WWE Money in the Bank 2014

  1. Ropes are slippery. Just ask Paige.
  2. We saw some Divas Catch Wrestling tonight.
  3. Damien Sandow, I never knew if you wouldn’t be less than the gum on my shoe until tonight.
  4. Jack Swagger needed some help to find his heart. WWE made a shirt.
  5. Kofi…the human springboard.
  6. Fandango enjoyed the match a bit too much to be a faithful dancer.
  7. Kane, think for yourself. You’re no longer an Authority Figure.
  8. Roman Reigns is scouting…hide ya heads, that kick is coming!
  9. The ref had to move the ladder for Cena. He’d run slap into it.
  10. Daddy and Mommy cheering you on, Orton. How are you a predator when you’re a child?
  11. Money in the Bank, a Randy Orton RKO is going to happen.
  12. Superman is back!
  13. When it’s almost crunch time, throw out signature moves!
  14. Dean Ambrose said, “To hell with everyone else, I want Seth.”
  15. Screw that damn hook, I’d just grab the title while hanging from it. Then what?