15 Things I Learned from WWE FastLane

WWE FastLane 2/22/15, aka Superman Returns

  1. Hide your nuts from Russians.
  2. All the divas from NXT were laughing at the atrocity that was Paige vs Nikki.
  3. Stardust found out that the cosmic key requires one person.
  4. When you’re a ref, do NOT hestittae when counting pinfalls.
  5. JBL has random knowledge in his head that he spits out. This is called, ‘Color Commentating’.
  6. Jon Stewart can cut a better promo than 50% of the WWE roster.
  7. Cesaro/Tyson Kidd….Swiss Kidd or the Cesaro Kidd?
  8. Sledgehammers get beat by baseball bats.
  9. Sting made money tonight by not saying a word.
  10. Bray Wyatt wants to become a deadman.
  11. Wade Barrett has a warrant in Memphis. That’s why he ran.
  12. #RKOOuttaNowhere
  13. Naomi in The Usos entrance makes it flaming hot.
  14. Who really thought they’d see this guy tonight?
  15. So, what was the purpose of removing Roman out of the event to just throw him back in it?