15 Things I Learned from WWE Extreme Rules 2015

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 – It’s All Wordplay

  1. If anyone expected that title match to be anything less than 4 vs 1, then your expectations are lower than Dolph Ziggler’s stock.
  2. Cesaro had his catching mitts on today!
  3. New music, but same loss?!
  4. It’s a new day to act face and be heels!
  5. Xavier Woods didn’t morph into a wrestler for this one. Why can he even hold the title?
  6. Gel wears off on mohawks.
  7. So, what happened on the streets?! You pick one: Circled the block, went on lunch, or went to CM Punk’s house.
  8. Tug-o-War for the US Championship!!!
  9. WWE found out Daniel Bryan took a sick day, so they called Harper and Ambrose back to the arena from their lunch break!
  10. The steel cage was more tame than Big Show/Roman Reigns.
  11. You can put a monster in a suit and he’ll still be a monster.
  12. So, we get a little edgy about a kick to the side of the face, but a foot to the back of the head is ok?
  13. The RKO is banned, but there were two.
  14. The commentators did the arguing for the WWE masses.
  15. Another set up PPV. Same matches next PPV, but opposing outcomes.