15 Things I Learned from WWE Extreme Rules 2014

  1. Bray did the Brother Abigail finisher tonight with that child.
  2. WeeLC had a hell of a budget, even though they were paid half-price.
  3. It’s a shame when the midget commentators are more interesting than the main commentators.
  4. Xavier forgot to morph.
  5. Cesaro channeled his inner Eddie Guerrero with those slams.
  6. Big Red Machine is now Big Red Demon? Where’s the horns?
  7. If no one thought Barrett was going to win the title after his return, then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news!!!!
  8. 3MB, Los Matadores, stay out of the little one’s match….it kinda took away from the moment.
  9. The champion introduced first?! Really, WWE?
  10. So the kid name is “Little Johnny?’ Wonder how Little Jimmy feels about that.
  11. So, what kind of ‘injury’ angle will it be on RAW for Daniel?
  12. The fire extinguisher crew were part of the ‘Yes Movement’.
  13. Stephanie, your use of the word, ‘bitch’ is noted. Tighten up on your profanity!
  14. I’d be 100% won over if Bray had spider-walked up the cage.
  15. So, now we go through another whole year of Cena’s spirit being broken!

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