15 Things I Learned from WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

Subtitle: Childhood Booking 101

  1. So, we caging ALL minorities!
  2. So, Kofi and Xavier equal two people.
  3. Cena NEVER loses the 2nd round. Ask The Rock.
  4. Ziggler, you’re right. You job better than ANYONE!
  5. Miz stole Mary J Blige’s outift and Ziggler stole Paige’s jacket.
  6. Triple H’s feelings are more off than the booking of this event.
  7. Sheamus, I am still not entertained.
  8. Kevin Owens showed everything except that Package Piledriver. Look it up.
  9. If the ref was fully knocked out, then Ambrose had that one.
  10. Giving Ambrose the title was our gift to sit through 3 hours of a clusterf*ck.
  11. Sunday, 2 people drink beers. Monday, 1 person drinks enough beer for two people.
  12. Jeff Hardy, Bill Demott, eat your hearts out!
  13. No Joe sighting?!
  14. Seth, you got the Wade Barrett booking tonight.
  15. Once again, Triple H sh*t all over this PPV.

LosEvolution booking prediction results: 1 out of 6. Either I booked Money in the Bank early or I’m slipping.